Best Poster Awards at UCSB Senior Capstone 2014

by janetkayfetz


This year’s Weihan David Wang Computer Engineering/Computer Science/Electrical Engineering Capstone Poster Prize was shared by two of the total fifteen project teams — NP-Compete and String Cheese. The co-winners were teams of students in our CS 189 class.

I present these two beautiful posters so that you can study and appreciate how the project stories and the complexities of the technical details were realized in a poster format. Imagine walking up to these posters in the event courtyard and taking a few minutes to learn about the 6-month long project that was conceived and realized by the student group. See if you can capture the essence of each project.

P2P Cast Poster by the NP-Compete Team

NP-Compete Poster

NP-Compete Poster

Eye in the Sky Poster by the String Cheese Team

String Cheese Poster

String Cheese Poster

Congratulations to groups NP-Compete and String Cheese!

NP-Compete is Daniel Vicory (lead), Nicole Theokari, Omar Masri, Jerry Medina, Justin Liang. String Cheese is Alexander Huitric (lead), EJ Fernandes,  Drew Hascall, Jasen Worden.