Process in Process

“The key is to understand not only that “writing is difficult,” but that finding the “process of writing” that works for you is really challenging as well. For this reason, I’m convinced that everybody should systematically “meditate” about his own writing and should try to develop his own “process of writing” by iteratively experimenting with the different tricks that work well for others.” Yanick Fratantonio, PhD student in the Computer Science Department at UCSB

“A few words about Process – I have actually enjoyed writing this essay, which I think is a testament to your class. It really changed how I approach writing in terms of my confidence and my writing and editing technique. I am working hard to let go of my painful sentence by sentence perfectionist writing style. The group editing we did in class gave me a window into how the sausage is made, so now I can believe the writing doesn’t have to be perfect from the start – it improves with editing over time. It’s a work in progress.” Samantha Arthur, Graduate Student at the Bren School, UCSB